Success Stories

Every woman in academia has her own story of ups and downs, frustrations, doubts, anger, amazement, achievement, contentment and/or despair. Academia is a treacherous terrain for women. On this page, we publish stories about ourselves, our friends, teachers, academic idols, women we greatly admire.  Let’s learn from each other, learn from our mistakes, and never give up on our dreams and ambitions.


Meet Hella, one of our mentees from Bremen on presenting at the Humboldt in Berlin (German video)

Thanks to the Fem4Scholar network I was introduced to the student series of lectures for gender studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The topic immediately catched my interest and I randomly send an abstract of my bachelor thesis about the gender specific illustration of female politicians in online news media. And they invited my to come to Berlin.

So, I got the chance to speak in front of some very interested, open minded and intelligent students who also helped me to briden my horizon on the topic I worked so many months on and sort of minimized my view over the time. The talk not only gave me the opportunity to present my topic at a different university in another city, but also gifted me with a lot of new points of view and added to the outcome of my bachelor thesis.

The feedback was great, everyone seemed so interested in my topic and not only asked a lot of follow up questions but also involved in the discussion I had planned in the end. Although my „Klicker“ made some difficulties throughout the presentation, I was told to have done a great job presenting and that made me very happy



Fem4scholar participant Jasmin presented her research at the re:publica 2019

One of the most important parts of fem4scholar is to enable women to step up and raise their voices in academic spaces – Just like Jasmin, who was invited to present her findings on the challenges of proper media usage in schools at the re:publica 2019

Watch in German

Meet Penelope, one of our trainers for the Berlin group and hear about her motivation and striving in making her way into academia